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wvutqro.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  Virtumonde

Component Name
: wvutqro.dll

Description of : Virtumonde is a spyware application that regenerates itself each time you try to terminate the process and remove its files. It delivers ads to your computer screen continuously, interfering with your surfing habits and slowing down your usual computer activities.

Recommendation for :
This is a serious threat to your system. Removal is the best option for this spyware.

Trusted: No
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: Yes
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Virtumundo, Inc.
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: This is bundled with some versions of FreeWire.
Release Date: 2003

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
Download Internet Accelerator
Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
List of processes associated with Virtumonde
File Name
1201499398.dll 2a26821.dll aagp.dll acav.exe 
accabr.exe ansfsrg.dll antijava.exe antitask.exe 
antiwave.exe apkb.dll appsetup.exe apw.dll 
atyonql.dll avfax.exe avinfo.exe awtqn.dll 
awtqnkh.dll awtqr.dll awtsp.dll awtsqol.dll 
awtsr.dll awtst.dll awudydn.dll awvtq.dll 
awvtr.dll awvts.dll awvtt.dll awvvs.dll 
awvvv.dll awvvw.dll axajplhu.dll bakrun.exe 
basdisk.exe bass.exe baswin.exe bhpxcoe.dll 
bjxudq.dll boyhakj.dll brwmaan.dll bstjwbc.dll 
byxxwvt.dll byxyaby.dll byxyy.dll bzotzr.dll 
catinfo.exe cbabx.dll cbxvutq.dll cdos.exe 
chljcaf.dll chpdtcc.dll cknyevb.dll colirt.dll 
comeula.exe crsvc.exe cuvb.dll dardv.dll 
dbap.exe dbun.exe ddaay.dll ddaba.dll 
ddabb.dll ddabc.dll ddabx.dll ddaww.dll 
ddayx.dll ddcbcbb.dll ddccc.dll ddccy.dll 
ddcyx.dll deogzmk.dll dgnrmkc.dll diskcab.exe 
djltunho.dll djtcl.dll dkbfhcpo.dll dllvss.exe 
docbas.exe dqpoemad.dll drvcud.dll drvfav.dll 
duoxthf.dll efcdddb.dll epyqmdsd.dll etoddkj.dll 
eulabak.exe eulautil.exe evqedyjc.dll exqstqkx.dll 
fawmjzg.dll fccax.dll fccyyyv.dll fcubvbf.dll 
fjoneqd.dll ftpdrv.exe fwctkitd.dll fwlftdj.dll 
fyelbdkt.dll gebca.dll gebcb.dll gebcd.dll 
gebcy.dll gebya.dll gebyawt.dll gebyw.dll 
gebyx.exe gebyy.dll geedb.dll geedd.dll 
getui.dll gjiqpest.dll gloz.dll gohcefb.dll 
gparmqng.dll gsxh.dll hardmsvc.exe hardras.exe 
hbgw.dll hcjmnxf.dll hggfecy.dll hldzxh.dll 
hnujvpc.dll hppzcmh.dll ijujjqb.dll imgdvd.exe 
imtqodk.dll infodns.exe iowxwxyt.dll ipmc.exe 
ipnydgh.dll ipqazon.exe iqiztyza.dll javadns.exe 
javadvd.exe jcworriq.dll jezmesh.dll jkhfc.dll 
jkhhf.dll jkhhh.dll jkkifgf.dll jkklj.dll 
jkkll.dll jkklm.dll jmduamfm.dll jxasczub.dll 
kbdsrv.dll kdnwvyv.dll keydisk.exe keymp3.exe 
kgbnfbx.dll kgfcwvks.dll khhhe.dll kidqwmb.dll 
kiuovpi.dll kloooue.dll kusy.dll kzdstsi.dll 
lahjsgbh.dll licwpoh.dll ljjkjhe.dll lxdenprof.dll 
lxzcgyd.dll mcdfewh.dll mcdrv.exe mdidnue.dll 
mfcad.exe mfcweb.exe mfkk.dll mljgd.dll 
mljgf.dll mljgg.dll mljggfg.dll mlljj.dll 
mlljk.dll mllmj.dll mqfokxil.dll ms_s_2.dll 
msanti.exe msdos.exe nbrnmzk.dll ngjlh.dll 
NNNMM.DLL nraroriq.dll ntlanuid.dll ntprintd.dll 
nvjeuxgb.dll nvzeztb.dll nwavduh.dll nwdbfhsb.dll 
nyvewjuq.dll olereg.exe olesys.exe opnnlkl.dll 
otbwmij.dll ozk.dll pctapi.exe pdvyeng.dll 
playhard.exe plkmcnc.dll pmkhe.dll pmkjg.dll 
pmkjh.dll pmkji.dll pmnli.dll pmnlk.dll 
pmnlm.dll pmnnm.dll pmnnmjh.dll ppfoame.dll 
psbak.exe psmpvdc.dll pugw.dll pxpcnei.dll 
qgjjhwd.dll qhgmji.dll qopnn.dll rgbsden.dll 
rgevegej.dll rmcdmdl.dll rokvdwcq.dll rpbczes.dll 
rqolj.dll rtfb.dll runav.exe rwjgwtc.dll 
sciekad.dll skwxici.dll slguard.dll slxtgj.dll 
ssqrp.dll ssqrs.dll sstqo.dll sstqp.dll 
ssttu.dll stgqbiaf.dll svrnut.exe svrps.exe 
sxubnswd.dll sysmfc.exe sysupd.exe taskbin.exe 
taskiis.exe tcpfax.exe tcpxml.exe tjczren.dll 
tlrilfi.dll tmpcd.tmp.dll tuvww.dll uame.dll 
udiplei.dll ukwlag.dll umhacxf.dll unip.exe 
unlog.exe unmnxdk.dll urlreg.exe urqqnmj.dll 
urqro.dll urspo.dll uxuunhk.dll vbodbc.exe 
vbutil.exe vbwms.exe vfkeqte.dll vgabas.exe 
vgamp3.exe vgaps.exe viyjhai.dll vmptvehm.dll 
vmrjghmw.dll vssanti.exe vtspq.dll vtsqp.dll 
vtsqr.dll vtstq.dll vtstr.dll vtstu.dll 
vturo.dll vtutq.dll vtutr.dll vtutt.dll 
vtutu.dll wcumsag.dll wdokbye.dll webrun.exe 
wgz.dll WindowsUpd1.exe wirvufc.dll wodbc.exe 
wvg.dll wvsbyycr.dll wvutqro.dll wvuvwts.dll 
wvwut.dll xfmtthfu.dll xmllog.dll xmlmain.exe 
xqcez.dll xwmkpxgb.dll xxwur.dll xxwvs.dll 
xxywxus.dll xxyyv.dll yayvvuu.dll yowlcl.dll 
yrbtuam.dll ysieiae.dll ytdttdgc.dll yxxuwcay.dll 
zmvqied.dll zwvrmra.dll