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wcadw.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  CoolWebSearch

Component Name
: wcadw.dll

Description of : CoolWebSearch ( is the name given to a wide range of different browser hijackers. Though the code is very different among variants, they all redirect your web browsers to and other sites affiliated with its operators. This hijacker tends to change its code a lot of times to avoid detection and removal.

Recommendation for :
It is highly recommended that this application be removed. Non-removal of this application will expose you to unscrupulous advertisers who will constantly send you numerous unsolicited ads and tamper with your browser settings.

Trusted: No
Trojan: No
Chronic: Yes
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: .
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: Most variants are installed via ActiveX downloaded from porn popup ads.
Release Date: .

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
Download Internet Accelerator
Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
List of processes associated with CoolWebSearch
File Name
077rwmj3yyzwzethd.exe 1.00.07.dll 1.02.04.dll 1173779624.tmp 
1173780291.tmp 185a09f4.exe 1dlozrm2l.exe 1yenz2arld.dll 
2.01.00.dll 28mjkt.exe 3.00.02.dll 3.00.03.dll 
3.00.05.dll 3.00.06.dll 3.00.08.dll 3.exe 
32298432.tmp 3riqfs4e.tmp 41d2la74.tmp 4Bq1y.exe 
4pypoialdr.dll 568nl4sm.tmp 5Ya5.exe 62mjc9cm.tmp 
6EPI352U.dll 6krmp3ak.tmp 89inu6.dll 9nqamwqd.tmp 
9vi7oaf50ndukh.dll addat32.exe ADDCLASS.EXE adddh.dll 
addjv.dll addpp32.dll adduy.dll amqdboca.exe 
apijh.dll APPJJ.DLL appqb32.dll appuh32.exe 
appzb32.dll ATLJK.DLL atlzd32.dll AUTOSE~1.DLL 
avzhwakd.tmp bfpkhza.exe bGLy2.exe bqlrde8v.exe 
bthserv1.exe bzublztu.dll cfgntc.exe CHP32.DLL 
cmprops.exe cnbkupth.dll coolwebsearch-info.dll 
crej32.dll crij32.dll crzp.dll csmss.exe 
d3jv.dll diljkcbn.exe Dnse.dll DNSErr.dll 
dnsrelay.dll dpe.dll DReplace.dll dvextc.exe 
dxndsq.exe ef.exe eieb.exe ex3.exe 
Excel10.dll f0pxfu.dll fdabkomd.exe fu6p4kb6.tmp 
gmmna.dll goidr.exe GoogleMS.dll hc3h9cww.tmp 
hcg13hiq.tmp hdqbyfri.exe hgktkqio.exe HK7NDXDH.dll 
hpbuglyi.exe hxukyfwq.exe i0fh.exe i8dszri4.tmp 
ibfx19amewnwi.dll icmtok.exe icnfe.dll iedll.exe 
IEDPDMOD.EXE iefeatsl.dll iefp.dll IeHelperExVS.dll 
ieot32.dll iepp.dll ievw32.dll ijoxmf.exe 
ikghvr.exe im3dkv1u3t4z8b.exe im45o4c4udfzog.dll image.dll 
ipad32.dll ipfu32.dll IPGP.DLL itqx2.exe 
itvxme.exe iwzcv.dll iy5teweh.tmp izunmf.exe 
javasv32.dll javoo32.exe JDKTBORRNYW.exe jgakddpfa.exe 
jkzzmn.exe kbdcz472p.exe kdtd5dkq.tmp keaycyiv.exe 
keffojb3z87.dll ker40u.exe kgdevoeg.exe kpoahrkz.exe 
labxcl40.exe laj.exe Lbczxs.exe loader3.exe 
loader6[1].exe loading.exe loadme[1].exe lpbk.dll 
M7TLLFSV.dll meae.exe mfcbq32.dll MFCN30.EXE 
mfczu.exe  mgs_32.dll micxht7l.exe mipgv189.tmp 
MMSWYSTEM.DLL mrhop.dll msencode.exe msha32.dll 
mshelper.dll MSHM.DLL mshp.dll MSIESH.DLL 
msinfo.exe msmk.dll msmo32.exe MSMSGSVC.exe 
mspxs32.dll MSSEARCH.DLL msxmidi.exe MSXMLFILT.DLL 
mzqhnwpg.tmp na9dqn71.tmp NavExt.dll netwr.dll 
nobovqh.exe NPLWt1s.exe ntca.dll 
nvwddi.exe o864dfxpiuij.dll oekivu.exe olehelp.exe 
olvorl.exe opohnea.dll orri.exe Ovc7j0i.exe 
owkrsrsk.exe oxruhqdp.dll pd4ac4b9.tmp pjlmon.exe 
qdng.exe qihcv.exe quicken.exe quteckle.tmp 
R3FVZFLIWRTHD.EXE rch.dll rch32.dll rdrlib.dll 
Remove.exe RITYTJEX.dll rtutext.exe rvxq.exe 
s1e6tyhr.tmp scpgkl.exe sdmtb.dll search~1.dll 
Searchaddon.dll sezlRY.exe sigppcmp.exe skexpand.exe 
sp[1].exe spm1316.dll sras.exe srvoicau.exe 
suab.exe SUBMITHOOK.DLL svc.exe svcinit.exe 
sys_ext.dll SYSBQ32.DLL sysdo32.dll syslw.dll 
system[1].exe system32.exe tapiui.exe taynrt.exe 
tbmu2ak6y3l7e1.dll tksrv99.exe toolband.dll ttcvzyh.exe 
twamp0d1.exe ukdxshxp.tmp UQLE3BEN.dll Usdok.exe 
USEIAL32.EXE VCTPP.EXE vgsyrue.dll vie5uld8.tmp 
vpep.exe vtynaade.exe w.exe w8c6s4xcm66.dll 
W95INF16.EXE W9kR6m.exe wadpxay.exe wcadw.dll 
wdjypfy.exe web.exe webdlg32.dll webinfo.dll 
wer1306.dll wer1316.dll wer3548.dll winju32.dll 
winproc32.exe WINRQ.DLL wins32.dll winstore.exe 
winzf.dll WIX8GCVK.dll wjuqrsft.exe WLt.exe 
Word10.dll wtwdmn.exe wv9m6mm5.tmp x9ldv8ch.tmp 
xdv2wt7q.tmp xlgr6r1v.tmp xoftig.dll xvp92xfs.tmp 
xwzkrwb.exe yfql.exe ymbcrzbw.tmp yzin.exe