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uoiffejxh.exe - Process Information

This component is part of  ABetterInternet.Ceres

Component Name
: uoiffejxh.exe

Description of : ABetterInternet.Ceres is a Transponder variant that shows pop-up ads by creating an ad-serving process called Buddy.exe, that runs each time a popup is opened. It connects to a specific controlling server Aside from delivering pop-up ads, it also sends back your Web browsing information to its server and silently downloads updates and arbitrary codes that it executes.

Recommendation for :
This is a dangerous threat. Removal is the best option for this program.

Trusted: No
Trojan: No
Chronic: Yes
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: ABetterInternet
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: This Transponder variant is installed via ActiveX download on certain affiliate sites.
Release Date: 4-Dec

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List of processes associated with ABetterInternet.Ceres
File Name
afzhukxubcb.exe amuoyz.exe bmdpcouwe.exe Buddy.exe 
cdrudvbrh.exe ceres.dll cliamabriek.exe clzoazonxx.exe 
couznuhxsbc.exe cvpdolxgr.exe dolhatbdtj.exe dqehznkfpt.exe 
dqsouruehni.exe DrUninst.exe dsxlloegoxx.exe dwxylycjkd.exe 
dwxylycjkd.exe dxuyxydpf.exe efcgnazngjs.exe egxapfaal.exe 
eihyppomc.exe elegcxgiywj.exe elegcxgiywj.exe exhaxdijnzc.exe 
eyoaleyng.exe ezhiplvuiaw.exe fdhdxitzw.exe frgroztwxq.exe 
ft1_02_0_402_gepfah.exe fwnkmbxezc.exe gghzsbutjym.exe gxholmwzfq.exe 
hmaazhpoi.exe imgiant.dll imgthin.exe imuzyzspwq.exe 
imuzyzspwq.exe ivibuidwu.exe izcajmsbsdv.exe izicqjqmsm.exe 
jfabdmojn.exe jfqlgjvwv.exe jklvitbac.exe jmvxxqvvx.exe 
jupcpkaapqo.exe juxvdfxrrhe.exe jyvldtpei.exe kmapurtip.exe 
kwrcsmqkn.exe larrxkzvnn.exe lgdtzvpop.exe mvxnbkplms.exe 
mwtreyylgb.exe ndmilunsc.exe nfdklflmm.exe nihodjfdem.exe 
nihodjfdem.exe omtxflwsmfl.exe oorfgthmmv.exe osabekeqsf.exe 
pauxahzezx.exe pbvfwgpgsij.exe pffoyvrwwxt.exe pnmlmdozpwq.exe 
pnxhquscqac.exe ptlmleguo.exe qpelckhwgxr.exe qwhtddpvp.exe 
reqgmctnhvy.exe rndrcus.exe rvjquvmlfxf.exe rwispfqqrm.exe 
rxidukknlo.exe shmlkdtjhxp.exe snjwmmyhn.exe sodgpagtn.exe 
speeryox.dll stmnnrvci.exe tbbwjjhak.exe tkbkhfvzgyj.exe 
ufgcvebznq.exe uhdjxagsp.exe uhdjxagsp.exe ulvuxgdsm.exe 
uoiffejxh.exe uooxwqukip.exe upudmdusapm.exe usedqmjas.exe 
vqbhstxrois.exe vsfbdpuyyfq.exe vxvdkjftl.exe wasjzcntq.exe 
watehzihq.exe wgpsleahqns.exe whlfjonupei.exe winqinsulb.exe 
wrakkqkdf.exe xktkxnzuomv.exe xlfvnyygve.exe xngdjaifmk.exe 
xngdjaifmk.exe yfscbzykuz.exe zascmswbjkg.exe zcdbeimnhrq.exe 
zftuqhfgb.exe ztonghehvnb.exe