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sp50setup.exe - Process Information

This component is part of  Spector Pro

Component Name
: sp50setup.exe

Description of : Spector Pro is commercial PC monitoring software that records and monitors all computer activity including typed activities, Internet activities, file-sharing (peer-to-peer) activities, e-mail sending, and other computer activities. It automatically sends a detailed report of all activities captured to an e-mail address specified by the person who installed it, exposing you to possible blackmail and identity theft.

Recommendation for :
To protect your privacy, it is recommended that this be removed from your system.

Trusted: No
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Spectorsoft Corporation
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: Spector Pro may be downloaded from the company site as well as shareware web sites.
Release Date: 2004

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
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Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
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