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encsession.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  Sony Vegas

Component Name
: encsession.dll

Description of : Sony Vegas is an editing software that allows users to easily import and edit videos, images and music. It also supports Blackmagic DeckLink cards, which offer SDI connections normally used in professional editing environments for uncompressed digital video transfers. This allows Vegas to be used with professional video cameras and mix with larger editing suites.

Recommendation for :

Trusted: Yes
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Madison Media Software, Inc
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: The free trial version of this application can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and other shareware sites.
Release Date: 2004

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List of processes associated with Sony Vegas
File Name
aacadec.dll AAFCOAPI.1.0.2.dll AAFCOAPI.1.1.dll ac3plug.dll 
ac3plugrw.dll aifplug.dll atrc.dll audiofmtconverter.dll 
audiolimiter.dll audioresampler.dll auth3260.dll AVCDevices.dll 
aviplug.dll avireader.dll basc3260.dll capture.dll 
colorcorrector.dll colorcvt.dll cook.dll DecklinkVideoDevice.dll 
DecklinkVideoDevicePP.dll dsreader.dll encn3260.dll encnetbroadcast.dll 
encsession.dll enlv3260.dll erv2.dll erv3.dll 
erv4.dll eventpack.dll extviddev.dll gifplug.dll 
h264vout.dll Interop.VegasCOM.dll libmmd.dll log.dll 
logobserver.dll mcac3dec.dll mch264dec.dll mchammer.dll 
mcmpgdec.dll mcplug.dll mcplugrw.dll mediasink.dll 
movreader.dll mp3plug.dll mp3rw.dll mp4plug.dll 
mpegin.dll mpgaout.dll mpgmux.dll mpgvout.dll 
mxflib.dll mxfplug.dll oggplug.dll pcmaout.dll 
pncrt.dll qt5plug.dll qtreader.dll rbsbroadcast.dll 
remb3260.dll rm9plug.dll rmme3260.dll rmto3260.dll 
rmwriter.dll rmwrtr.dll rn5a3260.dll rnaudiocodec.dll 
rnaudiointerleaver.dll rnvideocodec.dll sctplug.dll sdpp3260.dll 
sf2sony20.exe sfasio.dll sfcdfs.dll sfcdi.dll 
sfcdx.dll sfconfigmgr.dll sfdsound.dll sfdvd.dll 
sffrgpnv.dll sflgaplg.dll sfmarket2.dll sfnetmedia.dll 
SfPagePeel.dll sfpaplug.dll sfppack1.dll sfppack2.dll 
sfppack3.dll sfpublish.dll sfresfilter.dll sfs4rw.dll 
sfscsi.dll sfspti.dll sfspti2.dll sftrans1.dll 
sftrkfx1.dll sftutor.dll sfvstwrap.dll sipr.dll 
smplfsys.dll Sony.Capture.dll Sony.Vegas.dll Sony.Vegas.NetRender.dll 
sony4vem.dll stl2plg.dll swfplug.dll vduplug.dll 
vegas60.exe vegas60k.dll VegSrv60.exe vfplugs.dll 
vfx1.dll vidcap60.exe videocolorconverter.dll videolumaadj.dll 
videonoisefilter.dll videoprogressive.dll vidpcore.dll wavplug.dll 
wavreader.dll wmfplug3.dll