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awres-host.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  Symantec PCAnyWhere

Component Name
: awres-host.dll

Description of : Symantec Pcanywhere is a powerful tool that enables users to remotely manage computers that runs both on Linux and Windows systems. Remote management tools allow users to directly access important operating system utilities such as Command Prompt, Task Manager, and Services on the remote system.

Recommendation for :

Trusted: Yes
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Symantec Corporation
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: This program can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website or other shareware sites.
Release Date: .

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
Download Internet Accelerator
Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
List of processes associated with Symantec PCAnyWhere
File Name
adsauth.dll aw32capi.dll aw32nb.dll aw32prn.dll 
aw32ser.dll aw32spx.dll aw32tcp.dll awcfgmgr.dll 
awchat.dll awcm32.dll awconn32.dll awcp.dll 
awds32.dll awdsp32.dll awgui32.dll awhk32.dll 
awhlogon.dll awhost32.exe awhpilot.dll AwHProbe.exe 
AwHProbeDll.dll awhseq.dll awhutil.dll AwHxPrb.dll 
awio.dll AwioResources.dll awlog32.dll awofrwrk.dll 
awplay32.dll awPlay32Resources.dll awrem32.exe awres-all.dll 
awres-host.dll awrpilot.dll awses32.dll awterm32.dll 
awtime32.dll awxfer.dll awxferui.dll bindauth.dll 
certcons.exe CmdPromptClient.dll CmdPromptServer.dll CmdQEng.dll 
crypshim.dll crypto.dll DbgHelp.Dll DefaultConfig.dll 
DevPCA.dll DevSocket.dll DevTCP.dll DSBrowse.exe 
DSBrowserResources.dll DSMgr.dll EditFileClient.dll EditFileServer.dll 
ehandres.dll EventClient.dll EventServer.dll ftpauth.dll 
FTStatus.dll FTStatusResources.dll HTTPAuth.dll HTTPSAuth.dll 
ijl20.dll IMPLODE.DLL InstalledAppsClient.dll InstalledAppsServer.dll 
InstData.dll IntgStat.exe iraDefA2.dll IraLrShl.exe 
iraLSCl2.dll IraLsClt.dll iraLSUI.dll IraVcLc3.dll 
IraVcObj.dll iscustom.dll ISDNTB32.DLL ldapauth.dll 
loadtapi.dll LocalEng.dll LRCtrl.dll LRRes.dll 
LrResEN.dll LRWebWnd.dll LSCtrl.dll LSPlugin.dll 
MachKey.exe MachKeyResources.dll ndsauth.dll novell_ldapauth.dll 
nsldapauth.dll nsldapssl32v41.dll nspr3.dll nssl.dll 
pca_run.exe pcAauth.dll PCACMNDG.dll pcAdiscovery.dll 
pcaime.dll pcalu.exe PCANotify.dll pcanylog.dll 
PCASharedUI.dll plc3.dll plds3.dll PowerMgr.dll 
ProcessClient.dll ProcessServer.dll RegistryClient.dll RegistryServer.dll 
RemStart.exe RMClient.dll RMComm.dll RMcommServer.dll 
S32EVNT1.DLL S32PCAG.DLL SAEng.dll SecureID_Auth.dll 
SeeBuilder.exe ServicesClient.dll ServicesServer.dll SessionManager.dll 
SetDefaultProvider.exe setdefaultproviderresources.dll SEVINST.EXE SharFileMgr.dll 
ShellClient.dll SidEditor.exe SidEditorResources.dll slaunch.exe 
snmputil.dll stophost.exe symantec pcanywhere - network host only.exe SymCrypt.dll 
symcsub.exe SymZip.dll SystemStateClient.dll SystemStateServer.dll 
TaskAppClient.dll TaskAppServer.dll ThinAWCP.dll ThinCrypshim.dll 
ThinCrypto.dll ThinRes.dll ThinSet.exe THook32.dll 
THost.exe TrayIcon.dll Util.dll VcCleanUp.exe 
VcResEN.dll VcSetup.exe WinAw32.exe winawsvr.exe 
winawsvrResources.dll WindowsAuth.dll WinNTAuth.dll