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acimsxm.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  Trojan.Agent

Component Name
: acimsxm.dll

Description of : This Trojan is a downloader for the Windows platform that attempts to download and run executable code from the Internet. It drops the following files in the Windows directory: scins.exe, winserv.exe, fierms.exe, and madopew.dll. A Trojan of this family connects to random IP addresses and random open ports.

Recommendation for :
This is a dangerous threat to your system. Removal is the best option for this program.

Trusted: No
Trojan: Yes
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: .
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: .
Release Date: 2004

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
Download Internet Accelerator
Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
List of processes associated with Trojan.Agent
File Name
{58F7E5EA-8C25-48F1-A6BE-D2BC8AA135CE}.exe {7DF5C4BB-49DF-4A9E-9D1C-A5003682BAB3}.exe {B431346E-9DA1-4958-9F83-4C7DDE12076F}.exe {BBE77C30-A1FC-4E47-8C21-4EDA3AE86049}.exe 
11.tmp 146872190.exe 1D.tmp 1E.tmp 
200[1].exe 2234_32.dll 2236.exe 2236_27.dll 
2236_28.dll 2236_32.dll 2902285551.exe 3.exe 
3203870740.exe 3339.exe 3339_32.dll 33710656.exe 
3863546.exe 475725983.exe 60787.exe 60787[1].exe 
95B8.tmp A411.tmp abc.exe abc[1].exe 
acac.dll acimsxm.dll acpmonsrv.exe agli.exe 
alcwzrd.exe antzom[1].exe arcac.exe aspi152772.exe 
aspi1749411.exe aspi1772011.exe aspi1930110.exe aspi2120611.exe 
aspi245381.exe aspi253058.exe aspi261401.exe aspi315941.exe 
aspi43248.exe aspi48558.exe aspi644011.exe aspi89053.exe 
atlox32.exe awjzpgt.dll bfhg.exe bipq.dll 
bndmod.exe byywtr.dll ca625267.exe cdlsp.dll 
CEE71514.DLL chist.exe clcbt.exe comdlj32.dll 
cpincjha.exe crrb32.exe crypts.dll csvzf.exe 
ctldlg32.dll d3cl.dll d3ip32.exe d3xw32.exe 
dc6_startupmon.exe dcovph32.dll di.exe dingoo[1].exe 
dr21206.exe drcdbz.exe drvgab.dll dslqs32.dll 
enftcaha.exe ers_startupmon.exe esdu.dll euwf.dll 
f.dll F.tmp fil143072.exe fil148704.exe 
free.exe garbuxwu.exe greenkroko[1].exe gsdztze.dll 
gtkjmemx.exe gzjdjxgn.exe helps.exe hj45hj322.exe 
hlmicro.exe hmmmm.dll hxccnbb.exe icondrop[1].exe 
Icq.exe IEHR.DLL iemn32.exe ieschedule.exe 
infoitss.dll inst[1].exe invi.exe ipmn.exe 
ipok.dll ipqk32.dll ipsn32.dll jawa32.exe 
jmnf.exe jru.dll jurmbmte.exe k100.exe 
klojc32.dll kpnl.exe ldnefc32.dll lggk.exe 
lientnstaller15_02.exe lkzimmmu.exe loaded.exe lzexkbdu.dll 
mad.exe maindll.dll mplic.dll msly32.dll 
msnetax.dll mssl.exe msv1rtm.dll msvcp.exe 
my.exe nasha20070222.exe nmmst.exe nmwkkonw.exe 
novqidul.exe ntddetect.exe ntkernel.exe nucm[1].exe 
on.exe orjkalow.exe pebnpnlc.exe plugin1.dll 
poikl2[1].exe pqxvkdqt.exe PRINTH~1.DLL qzrr.dll 
radman.exe raoby.dll rhnfcvpr.exe Rmo.exe 
rssrfdvu.exe rucdpaw.exe s9lr2y7x47.dll sahotwkg.exe 
senssrv.dll shsl.dll si[1].exe skbseybo.exe 
SoundMan.exe svcsys.dll sys.exe sysfk.dll 
syst.exe test.exe tswyjpi.dll UGf3elt.exe 
Ugpe8.sys unsvchosts.exe Update.exe updater.exe 
uuhhck.dll valentine070214.dll valentine070214.exe valid114[1].exe 
Vco5.sys vldgpbyf.exe vmmlog32.dll vr_sys.dll 
w32.exe win_y7o.exe win10.tmp.exe win106.tmp.exe 
win17.tmp.exe win1A.tmp.exe win5628.dll win8.tmp 
winaninug.exe winB.tmp.exe winexy32.dll winhab32.dll 
winhwbau.exe winiae32.dll winkqpstw.exe winlmgkf.exe 
winpmpyy.exe winserv.exe winsto.exe wintun.exe 
winveg.exe winwuuekt.exe winxpyg.exe wivatauf.exe 
wlogona.dll wygxrd.exe xe8O84N.exe xlibgfl254.dll 
yjvqwzw.dll yqlqmliw.exe zip.exe zpfr.dll