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Vepb40.dll - Process Information

This component is part of  Ulead Photo Explorer

Component Name
: Vepb40.dll

Description of : Ulead Photo Explorer, from Ulead Systems, is a multi-media application designed to make it easy for users to sort through audio, video, and still photo files.

Recommendation for :

Trusted: Yes
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Ulead Systems
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: NA
Release Date: NA

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List of processes associated with Ulead Photo Explorer
File Name
ac3aout.dll AddStamp.dll AddStamp_res.dll Aefilter.dll 
autoenh.dll AutoRen.dll AutoRen_RES.DLL Calendar_Res.dll 
Capmgr.dll Convermpegpar.dll cpuinf32.dll DC210.dll 
DC240.dll DC280.dll DetMethod.dll download.dll 
download_RES.DLL DSCWzrd.dll DSCWzrd_res.dll DswPlug.dll 
DswRc.dll dswUleadMpegCap.dll ekexifio.dll ekfpixaudio.dll 
ekfpixguid.dll ekfpixio130.dll ekfpixjpeg.dll ekfpixpsets.dll 
EmbView.dll EpExifUtil.dll EpPIM2.dll EpTiffUtil.dll 
eviewer.exe eviewer_RES.dll F210.dll FPXLIB.DLL 
INETWH32.DLL JPEGLIB.DLL LdrtBurn.dll LdrtDisc.dll 
LdvdEng.dll LdvdRec.dll MailAPI.dll MailAPI_res.dll 
MCMpgDec.dll Monitor.exe Monitor_Res.dll MPEGIN.DLL 
mpg_dlg.dll MPGAOUT.DLL mpgaparse.dll mpgcap32.dll 
mpgcheck.dll mpgmux.dll MpgSetin.dll MPGVOUT.dll 
mpgvparse.dll OLEAUT32.DLL OLEPRO32.DLL pal.dll 
PCDLIB32.DLL pcmaout.dll Pex.exe Pex_Res.dll 
PEXAUTOENC.dll PEXAUTOENC_Res.dll pexbuf.dll pexcomm.dll 
pexdesc.dll pexexif.dll pexexif_Res.dll Pexmisc.dll 
pexslide.dll pexslide_res.dll pexvideo.dll pexvideo_res.dll 
pexwizard.dll PEXWIZARD_RES.DLL pexwvcd.dll pexwvcd_res.dll 
RefreshIcon.dll regutil.dll RenderPolicy.dll ROBOEX32.DLL 
Runslider.exe S2REVideoConverter.dll SCANRES.dll Sepa.dll 
SSPLAYER_Res.dll u32Base.dll u32Brows.dll u32ccs.dll 
u32Cfg.dll u32Clips.dll u32Comm.dll u32Cvt.dll 
u32Fe.dll u32FeUI.dll u32Fido.dll u32File.dll 
u32LZW.dll u32Misc.dll u32Path.dll u32Plug.dll 
u32Print.dll u32Prj.dll u32prod.dll u32Scan.dll 
u32SN.dll u32Tu.dll u32Tx.dll u32TxEx.dll 
u32TXTUR.dll u32video.dll u32Wallp.dll u32XView.dll 
u32ZLIB.dll UAboutbox.dll Ubrincon.dll uBufCom.dll 
Uclrbaln.dll Ucrop.dll ucvtmem.dll Uedttool.dll 
uesviewer.exe uExifLib.dll uFioUtil.dll Uinet.dll 
Uipares.dll ukmgr.dll Ul3DUi32.dll ULCDRDrv.dll 
ULCDRDrvRc.dll ulcutcf.dll ulcutcfRC.dll uLibGif.dll 
uLibJp2.dll uLibJpc.dll uLibJpg.dll uLibLzw.dll 
uLibPng.dll uLibTif.dll ULUS_COMM.dll unZip32.dll 
Uoacomm.dll Uoares.dll uPictrl.dll upload1.dll 
UpView.dll UpViewSvr.dll uRender.dll Urotate.dll 
uShadow.dll ussagcvt.dll UssCvt.dll USSGifsa.dll 
uTx.dll uvbase.dll uvCaptureRC.dll uvDsBASE.dll 
UVIPLW7.DLL uvMPEG2.dll uvplay.dll uvsc.dll 
uvSEPA.dll uvWMEProfile.dll Uwupdate.dll Vcvrt32.dll 
Vepb40.dll Veui32.dll VfwPluin.dll vfwuleadmpegcap.dll 
VFX32.dll vioRC.dll VIPLIB.dll WebPageOutput.dll 
WebPageOutput_RES.dll WrapPIM.dll XBuf.dll XBurnMgr.dll 
XBurnMgrRC.dll XDiscLayer.dll XDiscLayerRC.dll XLogUtil.dll