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AdobeReg32.exe - Process Information

This component is part of  Acrobat Capture

Component Name
: AdobeReg32.exe

Description of : Adobe Acrobat Capture is a utility that complements the user’s scanner in converting scanned materials into Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Efficient conversion of physical documents into electronic form becomes a possibility through its features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), advanced page and content recognition, and powerful cleanup tools. These allow users to conveniently publish converted documents in different channels such as the Web, through intranets, extranets and many others.

Recommendation for :

Trusted: Yes
Trojan: No
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Platforms Affected:  
Methods of Distribution: This application can be downloaded from vendor's website and other shareware sites.
Release Date: 10/3/2003

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