W32.Puper - Process Information

Description of W32.Puper :
W32.Puper is a family of trojans that are known to manipulate a user's browser homepage and default search page. It also tracks websites accessed by users. The trojan is also capable of erasing all browser helper objects present in the user's system.

Recommendation for W32.Puper :
It is recommended that this be removed from your system.

Trusted: No
Trojan: Yes
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: N/A
Platforms Affected:
Methods of Distribution: This program is spread through stealth installation.
Release Date: .

Remove PC History
Permanently get rid of temporary files, application and internet history.
Download Internet Accelerator
Block advertisements and accelerate the PC's online speed.
List of processes associated with W32.Puper
File Name
hhk.dll hp???.tmp hp????.tmp hp100.tmp 
hp1006.tmp hp114a.tmp hp1382.tmp hp1756.tmp 
hp17ff.tmp hp18c8.tmp hp19a7.tmp hp1b7c.tmp 
hp1ec8.tmp hp1fe9.tmp hp2379.tmp hp2b33.tmp 
hp2BD4.tmp hp2BFC.tmp hp2dc2.tmp hp2ebe.tmp 
hp2f10.tmp hp3029.tmp hp319.tmp hp3288.tmp 
hp34d6.tmp hp3605.tmp hp3863.tmp hp38a1.tmp 
hp3acf.tmp hp3B.tmp hp3b63.tmp hp3d29.tmp 
hp3da3.tmp hp4055.tmp hp417d.tmp hp4708.tmp 
hp474d.tmp hp4834.tmp hp486c.tmp hp4aa0.tmp 
hp4cea.tmp hp4e2f.tmp hp4f4f.tmp hp4f7c.tmp 
hp544a.tmp hp5462.tmp hp5692.tmp hp5c77.tmp 
hp5cfb.tmp hp5e04.tmp hp5eaa.tmp hp61f2.tmp 
hp6471.tmp hp67ac.tmp hp6934.tmp hp6a72.tmp 
hp6adb.tmp hp6c28.tmp hp6ca4.tmp hp6caa.tmp 
hp7119.tmp hp713f.tmp hp71a1.tmp hp7435.tmp 
hp75DB.tmp hp76a7.tmp hp76b4.tmp hp7937.tmp 
hp797b.tmp hp79c.tmp hp7A1E.tmp hp7e6e.tmp 
hp7ec5.tmp hp7ef4.tmp hp81B9.tmp hp8220.tmp 
hp8424.tmp hp85ca.tmp hp85d4.tmp hp8791.tmp 
hp88B.tmp hp8f0e.tmp hp8ff.tmp hp91ad.tmp 
hp91ed.tmp hp93ce.tmp hp9547.tmp hp979c.tmp 
hp97d9.tmp hp97ea.tmp hp9840.tmp hp9a04.tmp 
hp9AD3.tmp hp9ad8.tmp hp9d1.tmp hpa009.tmp 
hpa072.tmp hpA076.tmp hpa1ed.tmp hpa24f.tmp 
hpa2f7.tmp hpa352.tmp hpa37e.tmp hpa53f.tmp 
hpa6bf.tmp hpa6d3.tmp hpa747.tmp hpa76b.tmp 
hpa7f8.tmp hpA96A.tmp hpace3.tmp hpae12.tmp 
hpb3d2.tmp hpb466.tmp hpb581.tmp hpb684.tmp 
hpB8B7.tmp hpb8b8.tmp hpB988.tmp hpb9b3.tmp 
hpba6.tmp hpbb05.tmp hpbb22.tmp hpbb27.tmp 
hpbce7.tmp hpbd76.tmp hpBDED.tmp hpbf39.tmp 
hpc3d5.tmp hpc6b7.tmp hpC7B5.tmp hpc960.tmp 
hpC964.tmp hpca0c.tmp hpCB8D.tmp hpcbcb.tmp 
hpceb0.tmp hpcef8.tmp hpd03b.tmp hpd523.tmp 
hpd6fb.tmp hpd72a.tmp hpD9C7.tmp hpdd1f.tmp 
hpdff0.tmp hpE296.tmp hpe399.tmp hpe6ff.tmp 
hpe9f8.tmp hpF1A2.tmp hpf446.tmp hpf4b1.tmp 
hpf4fc.tmp hpf8a7.tmp hpf9a0.tmp hpf9dc.tmp 
hpfc3e.tmp hpfc8b.tmp hpff2b.tmp INTMON.EXE 
intmonp.exe mrjj.exe popuper.exe shnlog.exe