W32.Netsky.P - Process Information

Description of W32.Netsky.P :
W32.Netsky.P is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to spread itself via e-mail attachments. It also tries to spread through various file-sharing programs by copying itself into various shared folders.

Recommendation for W32.Netsky.P :
REmoval is the best recommendation for this program.

Trusted: No
Trojan: Yes
Chronic: No
Adware: No
Carrier: No
Browser Hijacker: No
Dialer: No
Commercial Keylogger: No
Remote Administration Tool: No
Suspected: No

Company Name: .
Platforms Affected:
Methods of Distribution: This Trojan comes in hoax email attachments that you have downloaded.
Release Date: 2004

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List of processes associated with W32.Netsky.P