The Vulnerability Scanner feature searches your computer for any application components that contain known exploits or entry points for spyware to enter your system. Scanning for spyware vulnerabilities allows you to prevent future spyware attacks, since most modern applications maintain some sort of connection to the internet, and many applications inadvertently compromise the security of your system by leaving doors open to possible intrusion from spyware or other unwanted applications.

While software vendors work quickly to patch or fix identified holes in their software, users are often unaware of the availability of these updates, or the existence of these threats. Thousands of security vulnerabilities are identified and announced each year. For most users, maintaining their system and staying current with updates is a daunting task. Zerospyware alleviates this burden and significantly reduces entry points in your system by scanning your computer against a database of thousands of known vulnerabilities, and identifying those found on your system. Every identified vulnerability is reported to the user with detailed information on the assessment of the threat posed by the existing application, and links to patches and updates to remediate the problem. Then Vulnerability Scanner can be scheduled for automated scans on a recurring basis to provide users with an essential preventative maintenance solution to future spyware threats.