ZeroSpyware excels at detecting and removing spyware, even the latest and most aggressive variants. Because it was one of the first anti-spyware applications developed, its detection and removal technology is one of the most evolved in the industry. Because the Threat Research Group receives millions of reports daily, it can detect and remove the most malicious new threats on the web.

"Rootkit" technology. CWS. Mutating spyware. SurfSideKick. Randomized file names. AbetterInternet. New and old technologies are converging, making the web a more dangerous place. ZeroSpyware uses a cutting-edge engine that handles detecting and removing new and old threats with ease.

All spyware programs found can be quarantined and removed safely from your system. If the spyware's host application, commonly free, downloaded programs, does not function properly after spyware removal, you can restore any quarantined spyware.