Spyware-Net is one of the first and largest user-powered spyware information networks. Launched in 2003, this network combines the efforts of hundreds of thousands of ZeroSpyware users found the world over, improving spyware detection and removal capabilities.

ZeroSpyware users actively participate in the fight against spyware by reporting unknown and suspicious activity to Spyware-Net. Our researchers receive over a million reports each day from our clients within hours or days of a new spyware variant's appearance, furthering detection and removal capabilities of ZeroSpyware.

Our Spyware-Net researchers use the collected data to create strategies for protecting your computer from the latest spyware. Information from the reports and a variety of other sources are turned into ZeroSpyware 3.3 definition updates, which are then automatically downloaded onto your computer.

To learn about the latest on spyware, the anti-spyware industry, the risks you take whenever you go online, and the steps you can take to spyware-proof your system, visit Spyware-Net our spyware information guide.