Automated Discovery provides an additional layer of protection and reassurance against new and currently undetected spyware threats. Unlike typical anti-spyware applications, ZeroSpyware's Automated Discovery feature verifies the integrity of known trusted applications in addition to detecting for classified threats. Spyware applications employ a variety of "tricks" to evade detection including spoofing the names of known trusted applications or changing their names and signature files on a regular basis. Utilizing a database of over 30,000 trusted applications, unknown or suspicious running applications are highlighted and brought to the user's attention.

In addition to gathering and displaying information about all active running processes and applications on your computer, the Automated Discovery feature provides troubleshooting tools to test unknown applications for spyware activity, and built-in googling capability to conduct further research. And as always, users can contact the 24/7 Remote Restore service with any spyware related questions about suspicious applications that have been discovered to get a direct live feedback from our threat assessment team.