Today's spyware landscape has changed. With spyware creators in big business, they are looking for new avenues to get into your PC, and searching for more ways to stay there. And they are finding them.
Mutating spyware variants. Regenerating malware. "Rootkit" technology. They all enable spyware to steal your data and put your identity at risk, as detecting and removing them become tougher. Spyware is stealthier and more dangerous than ever - and your anti-spyware technology needs an upgrade.

Regardless of the increasingly sophisticated threats, the solution is simple. One is undivided attention and service. Another is thorough threat prevention, detection, and removal. Addressing both, ZeroSpyware provides the best solution to a broad spectrum of users.

Connected to Experts
ZeroSpyware is more than an application. It is a direct line to experts who can answer your questions and assist you in removing spyware from your PC - Live!
LiveChat An industry exclusive service, this function is part of the live support offered by ZeroSpyware. Using a chat program in the application, customers can reach security experts at all hours to help detect spyware applications, and get help removing them. Small wonder PC Magazine says it "shines at providing actual help for users."
Live Diagnostics Another industry exclusive service, this function allows you to generate logs of events in the computer to enable experts to remotely know what is wrong with your PC.

ZeroSpyware Prevents
ZeroSpyware's spyware prevention is unmatched in the anti-spyware space, detecting spyware vectors long before they can be exploited.

Detecting Spyware Vectors
Intrusion Detection Constantly monitoring the operating system and registry for any new threats, Intrusion Detection removes spyware programs before they can lodge themselves into the users PC.
Automated Discovery Providing troubleshooting tools to test unknown applications for spyware activity, Automated Discovery detects sophisticated spyware programs that can masquerade as trusted applications in an attempt to evade detection.
Vulnerability Scanning ZeroSpyware looks for these potential entry points into computer systems, and provides assistance and information on correcting these areas.

ZeroSpyware Detects
ZeroSpyware detects even the most aggressive threats on the web, including "rootkits" and regenerating spyware. With the its Threat Research Group analyzing millions of reports daily, and its database one of the first and largest in the anti-spyware space, ZeroSpyware detects and removes all traces of spyware.

Detecting Spyware Traces

Robust Scanning and Removal ZeroSpyware compares against a database of tens of thousands of signatures, both of trusted applications and known malware. This ensures not just that the threats are detected; it makes your scans detect only threats, with no false positives.
Real Time Protection ZeroSpyware identifies and stops spyware before it can run. ZeroSpyware distinguishes its real time detection and protection with the top-rated technology that PC World highlights, "performed the best at preventing infection."

ZeroSpyware Removes
Being one of the first applications developed in the anti-spyware space, ZeroSpyware's removal technology is one of the most evolved in the industry. It can comprehensively delete a wide range of malware, ranging from old threats including diallers, keyloggers, Trojans, browser hijackers, and the like, to newer ones such as mutating spyware and "rootkits."