ZeroNetHistory is the ultimate defense against identity theft. Snoops and spies can recover data from your computer – but ZeroNetHistory makes sure that your private information is kept private. From secure file deletion to Windows and Internet history cleaning, ZeroNetHistory protects your privacy so you can use your computer worry-free.

What ZeroNetHistory can do for you
Delete your files permanently
Identity thieves use file recovery programs to steal your personal and financial information from your deleted files. Stop them cold by using military strength file shredding technology to make your files untraceable.
Keep your computer activities private
Don't let others find out what files you've been working on, what websites you visit, and what programs you use. Wipe the slate clean by erasing search logs, temporary files, and document histories.
Erase traces of old files
All files and folders you've ever deleted leave behind fragments that Windows doesn't delete. To optimize your free space and prevent these files from being recovered by third parties, use ZeroNetHistory to sweep all junk data away.
Easy to Use
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you'll find no prblems using ZeroNetHistory . Just stick 'Clean All' for easy cleaning, or you can customize each clean up with several security options.
Why get ZeroNetHistory?
1) It protects your privacy.
ZeroNetHistory removes all tracks in your computer that could be stolen by identity thieves. From the documents you've worked pn, the programs you've used, and the websites you've seen, your privacy will always be protected.
2) It protects your data.
Identity thieves and third parties can recover data from your computer even if you've deleted it. Formatting your hard drive isn't enough. Through ZeroNetHistory , you can shred files several times over so they will be untraceable.
3) It easily integrates into your everyday computer life.
ZeroNetHistory can run undetected in the background during a scheduled scan. All file shredding and cleaning operations have user confirmation boxes to make sure no accidental deletions occur.
4) It is an affordable solution to a potential million-dollar threat
Identity theft can cost you millions of dollars in illegal credit card use and fraudulebnt financial activity. At just $29.95, ZeroNetHistory is the most affordable security tool in the market.
Keeping you updated on the latest security issues
Hitting the delete button simply erases the file from general view. But the underlying data remains until the computer fills that free space with new data –
If you've been using computers for a decent amount of time there is a good chance someone has told you that data stored on a hard drive is not exactly safe. I'm here to assure you that this is indeed true – PCStats
The Federal Trade Commission reports that complaints about identity theft doubled in 2002, representing 43 percent of the complaints filed with the FTC – MSNBC