FBM Software, makers of top rated internet security applications, including our flagship anti-spyware solution ZeroSpyware, are looking for partners in our Approved Affiliates program. We are looking for publishers of compelling websites that are either focused on technology issues, or simply receive a high volume of traffic. Because computer privacy and security is a problem facing all internet users, websites with diverse subject material are encouraged to join our program. So sign up today and begin earning commissions.

Chances are if you are a web-publisher looking to sign up, you already know how these programs work. For those who are new, it's simple: we pay you for every sale to a customer that has been directed to us from your website. All you have to do is sign up on our website. You will be assigned a unique affiliate ID that allows us to track sales for visitors that you send our way. Our Affiliate Program management is handled by eAdvertising, where you can go to see your sales statistics, conversion rates and best of all, how much money you are making. This leads to the crucial question "How much does FBM pay out?"

Very simple: FBM pays 20% per product on sales generated by affiliate leads. Because FBM offers 3 products (including ZeroSpyware), you have greater earning potential, as we pay affiliates for sales of all of our products. All of these products sell for $29.95 on our website, so at about 20% of the sales price, FBM offers the most competitive commission available for consumer internet security products.

As an FBM Approved Affiliate, your earning potential is only limited by the number of visitors you are able to guide to our website. Using the same creativity to refer customers to us that you use to create the compelling content that keeps people coming to your website is the most important part of the equation. That said, FBM offers our affiliates various forms of assistance to make it even easier to increase sales (and their commissions).

Most importantly are the products. ZeroSpyware is recognized as one of the top spyware prevention solutions on the market. This brand awareness, combined with the validation of top reviews, make ZeroSpyware a top choice for consumers looking to protect their computers. Because this is one of the most important areas of concern for typical consumers, you will be impressed by the conversion rates we will provide on our referrals. As a serious web publisher, you want to be careful that you do not develop a reputation for advertising low quality products. Because FBM programs are recognized as some of the finest in the industry, you will be able to send us sales leads with the confidence that these referrals will not hurt the reputation of your website.

As mentioned above, FBM uses eAdvertising to monitor your referrals, track sales and fulfill payments. This allows our affiliate partners to receive reliable feedback from a 3rd party at any time. Feedback like this can help you refine the process you use to advertise FBM products, so you can maximize the number of sales that result from your referrals. It also ensures timely payment by a company dedicated to affiliate program management, so there will never be any delay collecting the commissions you earn.

Because this program is so important to us, FBM offers affiliate partners easy access to our company. Affiliates can contact our company representatives through our chat-based support accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So start today - click on the Sign-Up Now! Button and complete the FBM Approved Affiliates application form. Once you are assigned an affiliate ID, an email will follow with your account log-in and password. You will then be ready to begin making sales and earning commissions.