fbm Outsourcing

FBM's offshore business processing outsourcing (BPO) offers customer management, techinical suppot and online video game management in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost. All of FBM's support representatives are college-educated professionals, fluent in English with neutral American accents and poses a clear understanding of the American culture. The staff and support they provide are enabled by sophisticated infrastructure with strong in-house IT expertise. This combination of talented personnel and infrastrusture makes outsourcing your support to FBM risk free and very cost effective.

FBM offers inbound/outbound calls, email and live chat support for a variety of products and services such as commercial software, online games and online communities. The entire support staff is well trained and provides the high level of support to which Americans are accustomed.

Our comprehensive infrastructure, sophisticated training programs and strong in-house IT staff assure you significant cost savings, protected brand equity and guaranteed service level agreements (SLA's). FBM can strategically assess and understand customer support programs and provide a balanced solution that optimizes every customer interaction at competitive, guaranteed prices and with risk-free implementatioin.

FBM Online Game Management is essentially a one-stop shop for managing live online games and virtual communities. FBM game management offers support as gamemasters, bug testers, police and overall member support while in-world, over live-chat or the phone.

In-world Management

  • Policing and monitoring the community
  • Bug identification and reporting
  • Performing in-world activities
  • Greeting newbies

Member Support

  • Account abuse or hacking
  • Billing
  • Technical Support

At FBM we also provide our clients with technical support which includes customer services, product feature/services support and troubleshooting. We have hands on experience in technology support and support diverse software products. In order to keep technical operations reliable, we leverage our past experiences and best practices of the industry to provide the highest quality support.

Our extended service also includes product information requiring specialist knowledge and complex issues management for the following:

  • Troubleshooting support
  • Software usage and problems
  • Bug identification and renewal
  • Connectivity related problems
  • Product related services, upgrading and support

FBM Software Headquarters

1032 Irving St #202
San Francisco, CA 94122-2200
(805) 624-6527