Enterprise-Strength Features and Unique Access to Live Removal Assistance Service Aid Consumers and Small Businesses Against Evolving Spyware Menace

LAS VEGAS, NEV., March 14, 2005 - FBM Software, Inc. today announced the release of ZeroSpyware 2005, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use anti-spyware solution available to consumers and small businesses. ZeroSpyware 2005 features the industry’s first ZeroSpyware Remote Restore service, the only direct 24/7 spyware removal assistance service that allows consumers access to live interactive diagnostics and repair personnel at any time. The combined full service platform from FBM Software represents three years of direct customer feedback and delivers users up-to-the-minute threat levels and mutation rates for the latest spyware attacks from a community-based Spyware Net database of over 3 million reports per day that are input and analyzed.

The product introduces dozens of key features designed to prevent spyware infections and repair damaged systems including: vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection systems, interactive diagnostic and system repair tools, and Automated Discovery. ZeroSpyware 2005 finds and eliminates more threats that are relevant to specific user needs, while dramatically reducing the “false positives” and false reporting common in other solutions that remove applications that users actually want to keep.

“PC users are continuing to suffer from spyware and malware related issues despite running multiple anti-spyware and anti-virus applications on their system. Evolving spyware, Browser Hijackers, difficult-to-remove spyware, and recurring pests are amongst consumers’ top complaints,” according to Shiella Gamat, Director of FBM Software’s Customer Service Center. “Many of our customers have run multiple security products, but ultimately come to us because they require direct personal assistance in removing spyware and repairing their systems when other approaches fail."

FBM's ZeroSpyware Remote Restore service is a new feature introduced with the release of ZeroSpyware 2005. The ZeroSpyware Remote Restore is a live 24/7 spyware assistance and removal service that is directly accessible from within ZeroSpyware 2005, providing one-of-a-kind remote diagnostics based on the specific criteria of a user’s computer and threat profile.

ZeroSpyware 2005 goes beyond traditional search and removal techniques to provide Automated Discovery, or the active detection, protection, and prevention of Spyware threats based on the identification and isolation of known and unknown applications posing potential threats. While vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection systems have been utilized in enterprise applications for some time, ZeroSpyware 2005 is the first consumer anti-spyware application to incorporate these features in a unique preventive environment that effectively locks down key areas of a computer’s operating system against attacks. ZeroSpyware 2005 also includes a highly intuitive and attractive interface that eases the complexities of spyware management through automated tasks that cover all threats along with the ability to address threats on an individual basis.

"If you search the net you find that advanced users are posting detailed diagnostics (hijack this logs) on expert forums everywhere trying to get help on debilitating spyware related problems that none of the current anti-spyware applications are capable of addressing. What excites me most about ZeroSpyware 2005 and ZeroSpyware Remote Restore is that we are bringing the tools, support services, and easy interface required to solve these problems directly within the reach of the average user," stated David Foote, FBM Software's CEO. “In effect we are delivering a new concept of software as a service, where customers are connected back to the software provider for a complete solution to their problems.”

The yearly subscription price of ZeroSpyware 2005 includes weekly spyware definition updates and free access to the ZeroSpyware Remote Restore service for $29.95 MSRP. FBM Software offers its entire suite of security and internet privacy software including ZeroNetHistory, ZeroAds, and ZeroSpam online at www.fbmsoftware.com.

The product is also available at major retailers including Gateway, Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's, J&R, and Micro Center, and at top tier resellers including Gateway, CDW, PC MALL, and Amazon in the United States. With ZeroSpyware’s Extreme Update capability, purchasers of ZeroSpyware 2004 retail boxes will be automatically upgraded to 2005.

About FBM Software
FBM Software, a privately held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, creates Internet privacy, protection and performance solutions. The Company focuses on providing high-quality, easy to use software with integrated live support and trouble-shooting features to provide consumers with a service and solution platform to address the increasing complexity of security risks faced by the modern net-connected computer user. To find out more about FBM Software visit www.fbmsoftware.com.